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We carefully handpicked each of our business partners, only choosing those with innovative products and excellent solutions.

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Our Commitment to Collaborative Quality

Within our partner ecosystem, Blair embodies quality through strategic collaborations. Synergy and commitment define our collaborative approach. At Blair, we consider our partners as essential contributors to our success. Our relationships are built on mutual trust and a shared vision of innovation.


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Partners Ecosystem

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"Creators, partners and clients putting technology to work in the real world"

"Empowering others"

"One platform to run apps and data anywhere"

"We create technologies that drive human progress"

"Accelerating your business outcomes with comprehensive solutions, from edge to cloud"

"The Future of Cloud Data Protection Starts Here"

"Move Fast and Be Free in a Multi-Cloud World"

"Cybersecurity, everywhere you need it"

"Get answers as fast as the world produces data."

"Better data. Better decisions."

"Building a better foundation for the future of IT"

Your partner for continuous monitoring, deep detection, and guided response.
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Your trusted IT partner

These forward-thinking businesses trust Blair.

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 [Through our 19-year relationship] every project, consultation and discussion carried expertise with a personal touch that has made Blair services unique and outstanding. We enjoyed every moment [and hope they continue to flourish].

Joseph Kwan

Director of IT at Leon's Furniture, former Director of I.T.

You have been a trusted and valued IBM Business Partner. Your firm has distinguished itself by building deep customer value and leveraging IBM technology to solve client problems. You have continued to evolve your skills, business model and offerings as the technology has changed over the past 20 years.

Dino Trevisani

President & General Manager, IBM Canada Ltd.

The Blair team consistently brings unprecedented levels of knowledge, advice and service to the complex I.T. requirements of UAP.

Pierre Ouellet

Director, Information Technology, UAP Inc.

…we rely on our CMS ERP application to keep up with demanding, round-the-clock business requirements. Blair Technology Solutions has a unique combination of knowledge and expertise in the hardware (IBM Power Systems), the Operating Systems (IBM i), the HA/DR solutions, and more importantly, how each component interacts with the CMS applications. The Blair team is a pleasure to work with, and have provided us with a critical partner to support our IBM i systems that is both cost-efficient and effective.

Vice President of Information Systems from a market-leading automotive interior manufacturer

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