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Managed Networking Services

Penetration Testing & Remediation
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Amidst the realm of modern cybersecurity, safeguarding data holds utmost significance. At Blair Technology, we recognize the pressing need to shield your systems against potential threats. Our penetration testing and remediation service offers a proactive approach to identifying and resolving security vulnerabilities, ensuring the protection of your IT infrastructure.

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Key Outcomes of Penetration Testing

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Determine if a hacker can gain access to sensitive data

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Determine if any systems can be leveraged to launch malicious attacks

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Reduce the possibility of malware distribution through the network system

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Determine if a hacker can compromise any administrator accounts allowing access to sensitive data  

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Exploring Common Penetration Testing Approaches

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OSSTMM (Open-Source Security Testing Methodology Manual)

Offers a scientific methodology for network penetration testing and vulnerability assessment from various angles.
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OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project)

Identifies vulnerabilities in web and mobile applications, with over 66 controls for assessment.
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PTES (Penetration Testing Methodology and Standards)

Recommends a structured approach for penetration testing, covering communication, information gathering, and threat modeling.
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ISSAF (Information System Security Assessment Framework)

Evaluates network, system, and application controls with a three-stage approach and nine-step evaluation.

How do Blair Technology Solutions' managed services simplify your tasks?

Peace of Mind

Experience tranquility with round-the-clock asset monitoring and enhanced security through our EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response) service.


Effortlessly connect with user support whenever needed.


Enjoy a variety of services, including the management of renewal schedules and proactive patch maintenance.


Tap into Blair Technology Solutions' pool of specialized knowledge.

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Why Blair?

Data Security, Our Expertise,

28 Years, Your Assurance,

With a quarter-century legacy, Blair brings unmatched expertise to safeguard your data. Our 24/7 support and tailored solutions make us your trusted partner in data security.

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