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Explore the latest Canadian Technological Trends

Blair's 28th anniversary

Blair's new website

To celebrate 28 years of technological excellence!

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey of transformation and growth. Stay tuned for more updates!

Blair Technology Solutions - Great Place to Work 2024

Blair Technology Solutions

Your Award-Winning Partner for Custom IT Solutions

Blair Technology Solutions is an award-winning provider of custom IT solutions, solely focused on alleviating IT vulnerabilities and meeting your unique challenges in traditional infrastructure, managed services, and cloud solutions. Trust us to deliver innovative solutions that address your most pressing IT needs.

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Elevate Your Business with Tailored IT Solutions

Innovative Strategies for Seamless Technological Excellence

Blair specializes in tailoring smart IT solutions to elevate businesses. Our focus is on overcoming your unique challenges with innovative strategies, enhancing traditional infrastructure, managed services, and cloud capabilities. Experience the next level of technological excellence with Blair.

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Blair's Solutions

Hybrid Cloud combines the benefits of both public and private cloud environments, offering a flexible and scalable IT infrastructure that optimizes performance, security, and cost-effectiveness.

Discover our Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Cybersecurity and Networking involve the implementation of robust security measures and efficient network management to safeguard digital assets, ensuring a resilient and secure infrastructure for seamless communication and data protection.

Discover our Cybersecurity Solutions

Dive into the future of business intelligence on our "Analytics & AI" page, where data-driven discoveries and cutting-edge AI converge to empower your decision-making journey.

Discover our Networking Solutions

Blair's Solutions

Elevate your business with our Analytic & AI solutions. From data-driven insights to cutting-edge artificial intelligence, we offer advanced analytics to drive informed decisions and innovation.

Discover our Analytic & AI Solutions
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Blair's Services

Project Management is the disciplined orchestration of resources, timelines, and tasks to achieve project goals efficiently, ensuring successful completion within scope and budget.

Discover our Project Management Services

Within the realm of 'IT Solutions Design,' we delve into strategic planning, implementation, and configuration services, crafting a seamless and optimized technical landscape that aligns with organizational objectives.

Discover our IT Solutions Design Services

Unlock your business's potential with our Business Consulting Services. From strategic planning to operational optimization, our experts provide tailored solutions to drive growth and efficiency.

Discover our Business Consulting Services

Blair's Services

Cloud Consulting Services provide expert guidance in designing, implementing, and optimizing cloud solutions, empowering organizations to leverage the full potential of cloud technologies for enhanced performance and scalability.

Discover our Cloud Consulting Services

Explore the power of our Talent Services to drive your team's success. From talent discovery to development and beyond, our comprehensive solutions optimize your organization's potential.

Discover our Talent Services

Discover the advantages of our Financing & Leasing solutions to empower your business growth. From flexible financing options to strategic leasing plans, we offer tailored solutions to fuel your success.

Discover our Financing & Leasing Services
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Blair's Managed Services

Explore the domain of 'Infrastructure Managed Services,' where we navigate strategic oversight, efficient management, and seamless operations to ensure a robust and responsive IT infrastructure aligned with organizational excellence.

Discover our Infrastructure Managed Services

Embark on the world of 'Cloud Managed Services,' where we specialize in strategic oversight, efficient management, and seamless operations to navigate the complexities of cloud environments, ensuring a streamlined and optimized digital landscape tailored to organizational needs.

Discover our Cloud Managed Services
Step into the realm of 'Managed Security Services,' where our expertise lies in strategic vigilance, proactive management, and fortified defenses. We safeguard your digital landscape, ensuring a resilient and secure environment aligned with your organizational security objectives.
Discover our Managed Security Services

Blair's Managed Services

Optimize your networking infrastructure with our Managed Networking Services. From seamless connectivity to proactive maintenance, our experts ensure reliable and secure network operations.

Discover our Managed Networking Services
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Connect with us to see how our team of experts can keep your business' systems managed and secured.

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Your trusted IT partner

These forward-thinking businesses trust Blair.

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 [Through our 19-year relationship] every project, consultation and discussion carried expertise with a personal touch that has made Blair services unique and outstanding. We enjoyed every moment [and hope they continue to flourish].

Joseph Kwan

Director of IT at Leon's Furniture, former Director of I.T.

You have been a trusted and valued IBM Business Partner. Your firm has distinguished itself by building deep customer value and leveraging IBM technology to solve client problems. You have continued to evolve your skills, business model and offerings as the technology has changed over the past 20 years.

Dino Trevisani

President & General Manager, IBM Canada Ltd.

The Blair team consistently brings unprecedented levels of knowledge, advice and service to the complex I.T. requirements of UAP.

Pierre Ouellet

Director, Information Technology, UAP Inc.

…we rely on our CMS ERP application to keep up with demanding, round-the-clock business requirements. Blair Technology Solutions has a unique combination of knowledge and expertise in the hardware (IBM Power Systems), the Operating Systems (IBM i), the HA/DR solutions, and more importantly, how each component interacts with the CMS applications. The Blair team is a pleasure to work with, and have provided us with a critical partner to support our IBM i systems that is both cost-efficient and effective.

Vice President of Information Systems from a market-leading automotive interior manufacturer

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