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Managed Services Webinar Series #1

Uncover the Business Value of Managed Services

Technology complexity has gone up exponentially over the last 5 years. Is your team having challenges keeping up with the pace of change? Would you like to spend more time focusing on your business and less on IT? We want you to spend every hour and dollar possible on your business. Leave the technology to us. We’re experts in IT managed services.

FEB 15

Managed Services Webinar Series #2

Managed Services Do’s and Don’ts

More and more organizations are seeing the value that managed service providers bring to the table. Hiring an MSP is an increasingly popular option to help improve your technology efficiency and reliability; however not every partnership with a managed service provider turns out to be a successful one. There are seven key areas that a company should think about when forming a partnership with a managed services provider.

MAY 17

Past Events

IDC Research on Digital Transformation & The Acceleration of Analytics in Canada

The session will also provide you with things to consider as companies and leaders transform to become disrupters or leaders in their markets. Find out what are the 4 big questions facing Canadian businesses in their digital transformation journey.

NOV 29

Webinar: Beyond Big Data: Leverage Large-Scale Connections

Today’s CIOs and CTOs don’t just need to manage larger volumes of data – they need to generate insight from their existing data. In this case, the relationships between data points matter more than the individual points themselves. In order to leverage data relationships, organizations need a database technology that stores relationship information as a first-class entity. That technology is a graph database.


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