Data has become an important asset as more and more organizations are using analytics to empower business with valuable intelligence and insights. However, before that data can become an asset , organizations need to have the ability to index, backup, search and recover data throughout its lifecycle, regardless of when, where or how it was created. With explosive data growth rates and mounting infrastructure costs, protecting data assets can be complex and difficult for enterprises to manage.

Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) addresses the critical infrastructure pain points by providing a comprehensive data protection and management solution for all applications. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key customer needs and how BaaS can address these needs:

  • Agile infrastructure – You want better infrastructure that is not locked into expensive hardware and software. BaaS provides the freedom from vendor lock-in with reduced TCO and enables private / public / hybrid cloud adoption.
  • Reduced Risk / Compliance – As a business, you need to be confident that your data is secure and compliant – regardless of where it lives. BaaS will protect all of your applications from accidental deletion, corruption of data or malicious activity. The tiered service levels from BaaS will provide comprehensive data protection portfolio and the right level of protection for each application, based on its criticality.
  • Maximum Availability – Through BaaS’ lower cost cloud solutions, you get data replication and workload portability, and can replace costly and unreliable legacy Disaster Recovery solutions.
  • Leverage Your Data – With BaaS, you can finally put your data to work without the need to create data lakes. BaaS makes data a true asset by providing agility, scalability, security and accessibility to empower business operations and intelligence.
  • Focus on Core Business – Your goal is to focus on your core business, without having to retain expensive IT personnel to support day-to-day operational issues and tasks. BaaS can simplify your IT by freeing up those valuable resources to work on next-gen services. By eliminating the need to acquire, implement and absorb costs associated with acquisition of backup software and subject matter expertise in-house, you can focus on what’s more important to your business growth.

Blair Technology Solutions’ Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) offerings provide a comprehensive data protection and management solution for all applications. You can choose the service as a cloud enabled managed service with a self-service element or a fully managed service provided by Blair. Contact us today to discuss the right services tailored to suit your specific requirements.