Managed Infrastructure

Whether IBM Power Systems, x86 servers, or your network has been running your mission critical applications, our team can help provide 24×7 peace of mind that frees you up to focus on driving your business forward.

Blair offers a complete suite of fully-managed IT services:

  • IBM Power
  • x86 servers
  • Network
  • Desktops
  • Mobile

With 24 years of success in the IT industry, Blair is a premier IBM Power leader in Canada. We have strong partnerships with leading technology providers, as well as a proven methodology that goes beyond technology.

We can design a custom solution that meets your needs, with competitive hardware and software pricing to complete your vision.

Our fully certified team offers the knowledge and expertise to install and configure your IBM Power system, so it is optimized to run the most complex and demanding workloads.

With our 24×7 Network Operation Centre (NOC) to monitor and manage your critical infrastructure, Blair gives you the freedom to focus on business growth instead.

“Thanks to your team, we were able to review all the IPL tasks and validate a perfect reboot, remedy the VIOS, apply missing PTF, perform the reclaim storage faster, get a system save, synchronize the nodes, and review the cluster management.”

Blair Advantage

At Blair, we monitor your entire network and systems—including servers, desktops and mobile devices—to help troubleshoot and remediate any failed processes or services, patch deployment, install anti-virus support, as well as verify and manage data backups.

Remote Monitoring and Management

  • 24x7x365 intelligent monitoring
  • Endpoint and network protection
  • Patching and scripting

IT Help Desk

  • 24x7x365 IT support
  • Direct assess to expertise
  • Faster problem resolution and enhanced communication

Mobile Device Management

  • Enhanced endpoint security
  • Protection against malware
  • Secure access points

Learn how our dedicated team can help provide your business with effective network security.

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Blair operates with one key goal in mind: Driving positive business outcomes through technology innovation.