Managed Hybrid Cloud

Managed Hybrid Cloud

The Blair Managed Hybrid Cloud model allows workloads and data to move between private and public clouds based on demands, resources and budgets. This comprehensive process efficiently and effectively manages all elements associated with the workload/data move to provide you with the flexibility and agility your organization needs in today’s fast-moving environment.

Our managed hybrid cloud offers:

  • Enterprise-wide backup of our private cloud for short-term retention
  • Enterprise-wide backup for critical data to a public cloud for long-term archival
  • A secure 24×7 virtual environment to protect critical data and applications
  • The ability to run customized workloads, including x86 and IBM Power i/AIX
  • Disaster recovery for critical systems in our private cloud, or any public cloud
  • Continuous recovery protection with the lowest RTOs/RPOs

Blair’s technology expertise and dedication to excellent customer service makes them a trusted technology partner that we can always rely on.

Blair Advantage

Blair Technology Solutions has become a trustworthy name in the industry, with 24 years of experience supporting on-premises IT infrastructure. Among many other services, we provide highly integrated managed hybrid cloud services.

As a customer, your business would be guaranteed:

  • 24×7 monitoring and management of your IT environment, no matter where it is
  • Maximized cost-savings and productivity
  • Minimized latency, privacy and security issues
  • Easy up and down scalability as your business requirements change
24x7 Monitoring and Management of IT Environment

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