Endpoint Security is Getting Complicated with Sophisticated Attacks and Diverse Endpoint Device Platforms

We all know that the traditional anti-virus plus firewall security practices can’t keep up with the ever-changing security landscape. As organizations manage more endpoint platforms across Windows, Macs and Linux-based servers, as well as laptops, mobile devices etc., the need for proper management is more than ever before. Given the massive overnight shift to a remote work environment during the COVID-19 crisis, there is no doubt endpoint security has become very complicated.

Blair Endpoint Security Assessment allows us to scan your IT environment in order to identify vulnerabilities in your network, devices, servers, firewalls, application and more. The assessment results give you immediate insight with details on your business exposure on the Dark Web, your Endpoint Health/Hygiene status, your open vulnerability details and much more, so you can address them based on priorities and actionable recommendations.


Clear And Simple Visibility Into Risks Is The First Step To Help You Define Your Best Cybersecurity Strategies. The Blair Endpoint Security Assessment Will Give You Immediate Insight With Detailed Reports On:


  • Anti-Spam Configuration Details
  • Dark Web Exposure Details
  • Endpoint Health Details
  • System Configuration Setting and User Account Behaviour Details
  • Endpoint Hygiene / Asset Details
  • Open Vulnerability Details
  • Missing Patch Details

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