Toronto, Ontario – Blair Technology Solutions is proud to introduce their family of cloud solutions. The solutions consist of Blair Private Cloud, Blair Backup as a Service, Blair Resiliency as a Service, and Blair Cloud Management.

Blair knows that cloud is not just a location to place data and applications, but also a method and a process that gives clients the agility to adapt to the dynamic needs of businesses today. By partnering with industry-leading service providers for over 22 years, Blair has developed the knowledge and expertise to offer cloud solutions to this dynamic, changing marketplace. Blair’s approach is to help clients find out where cloud best fits in their IT and business strategies, whether it is for computing, backup, disaster recovery, testing, or development. Through our proven methodology of planning, designing, building, deploying, managing, and maintaining cloud solutions, clients will benefit from a comprehensive cloud strategy.

Blair Private Cloud

Blair Private Cloud is a secure, 24/7 virtual environment that provides cost-effective, public cloud capabilities for those seeking data privacy. It also runs customized workloads such as IBM i, AIX and AI on Power.

Blair Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Blair BaaS is an enterprise-wide backup service that enables clients to back up their critical data to Blair’s Private Cloud for short-term retention and a public cloud for long-term archiving anytime, anywhere, and for any workload.

Blair Resiliency as a Service (RaaS)

Blair RaaS offers disaster recovery solutions for your critical systems in Blair Private Cloud or a public cloud.

Blair Cloud Management 

Blair Cloud Management provides tools and products to assist clients’ digital transformation journeys with multiple cloud strategies, such as Office 365 and Blair Private Cloud. Blair Cloud Management is a proven methodology to move workloads to the cloud to ensure a smooth and secure transition.

According to Blair President and CEO John Blair, these cloud solutions are the company’s next step forward: “Since I founded Blair Technology Solutions in 1996, I have taken great care to learn the needs of our clients. Although we have been using unparalleled vendors for our cloud services up until now, to whom I am incredibly grateful, I felt that we needed services that are specifically tailored to our clients. The development of our cloud services has been a passion project for many of us at Blair Technology Solutions, and I am thrilled to introduce it to the public and see how it will grow from here.”

Blair Technology Solutions’ partners also look forward to seeing where the company will go from here: “Arrow ECS Canada is proud to be a part of Blair Technology Solutions’ partner ecosystem,” says Joe Trinidad, Director of Cloud, Digital Transformation, and IoT at Arrow Electronics. “Arrow has been a longtime partner and active participant of Blair Technology Solutions’ digital transformation. We believe that John Blair and his team have the ‘right stuff’ to forge ahead to future prep their clients as they themselves go through their journey of ‘digital transformation.’ We thank Blair Technology Solutions and their teams for allowing Arrow ECS to be a part of their formula for success.”

About Blair Technology Solutions

For over 22 years, Blair Technology Solutions has provided innovative and flexible IT solutions to mid- to large-sized enterprises across Canada. Their full complement of adaptable, scalable, and versatile solutions are designed to meet organizational requirements.

From traditional infrastructure to managed services and cloud technology, Blair has expertise in building custom solutions to meet the needs of unique IT environments.


John Blair
President and CEO
Blair Technology Solutions