Blair Options for Converged Systems

Blair has expertise in developing Converged Systems for a variety of clients and is uniquely positioned to provide you with the solution that will best suit the needs of your enterprise.

Our team of industry professionals can save your enterprise time and energy by combining your key IT components together into one of our preferred Partners’ Converged Systems.

We have selected HPE and VCE as our Converged System business Partners because they support the ever-changing needs of the industry and of our clients.  As industry-leading technology providers, we are confident that with our expertise and our Partners’ solutions, we can help you choose the ideal Converged System for your enterprise.


HPE Converged Solutions

Blair proudly partners with HPE to successfully transition your business to a Converged System.

HPE Converged Solutions is an integrated and optimized infrastructure, enhancing the functionality of your most significant workloads. Allow our team to combine your IT components using HPE Converged Solutions to bring lower cost of ownership and greater flexibility to meet your business demands. Implement IT services in shorter amounts of time than ever before and eliminate infrastructure silos that slow down the workload delivery process. Use HPE Converged Solutions to optimize your turnover time, improve your efficiency, and enhance simplicity and speed in your enterprise’s IT environment.

Let the experts at Blair Technology Solutions help you decide if HPE Converged Solutions is the right solution for your business.

VCE Converged Solutions

Blair partners with VCE, an industry leader that can improve an enterprise’s IT environment with their many options for Converged Solutions. VCE Converged Solutions consolidates the most valuable IT components in your enterprise. VCE Converged Solutions are built with the best quality - computer, network, server backup, and storage to help you focus on delivering business value to your enterprise.

With VCE Converged Solutions, your enterprise has the chance to reduce costs, enhance delivery service, and meet the ever-changing expectations of this evolving industry.

Knowledgeable and experienced, let our IT experts help you determine if VCE’s Converged Solutions is the right solution for your business.