Blair Options for Business Continuity 

Place your confidence in Blair Technology Solutions and our Business Continuity Partners to create strategies that ensure optimum resiliency for your business.

With years of experience behind us, the Blair team will give you professional service, top quality advice and industry-leading products. Use Blair and our Partners for your Business Continuity needs to ensure reliable and quality service.

We are proud to partner with industry leading companies like IBM, Veeam, and Vision Solutions to offer you the best Business Continuity solutions.



Veeam guarantees high-speed recovery and data loss avoidance. Veeam Backup and Replication delivers fast and reliable recovery of your files. Ensuring offsite data protection, Veeam guarantees recovery of downtime in under 15 minutes.

Blair is proud to partner with an industry leader such as Veeam, to offer you products that help your business continue to function effectively with verified protection and leveraged data.

Veeam and Blair Technology Solutions offer your enterprise the tools and expertise you will need to reliably protect and manage your system’s resiliency in the event of a disaster.


Blair Technology Solutions has partnered with IBM to provide you with top quality Business Continuity options such as PowerHA. We offer your enterprise a solution that gives you access to the most advanced built-in technologies for reliability.

Focused on high availability, Business Continuity, and disaster recovery, PowerHA is a great option for IT environment resiliency. Work with our knowledgeable and experienced team to build an enterprise roadmap, guaranteeing continuous availability for your applications.

Blair will ensure your Business Continuity strategies with this tool run smoothly and improve the resiliency of your business.


Vision Solutions

Let Blair Technology Solutions and Vision Solutions handle your Business Continuity strategies to recover your data and protect your enterprise in the event of a disaster. Offering a tool that is applicable across multiple platforms, Vision Solutions has been trusted for over two decades. Blair will expertly set up your Business Continuity strategies with Vision Solutions on any hardware and in any physical, virtual or cloud-based environment.

Ensure you’re prepared with Blair and Vision Solutions, as we know IT resiliency is fundamental to the success of your business.


Back Up

At Blair, we understand the importance of deploying a platform that will grow and scale with your business. By approaching backup in a holistic way, we ensure the solution supports the legacy platforms in which you have invested, and also supports newer technologies like virtualized infrastructures and the cloud.

Our strong vendor partnerships allow us to offer the best possible technology solutions for your needs, but it’s our methodology and services that deliver incremental value.

Blair looks beyond technology – we consult with you to gain a true understanding of your business and your organizational data. We’re then able to recommend a backup solution that will protect your business from data loss and its consequences. In some cases, our recommendation may include selected Managed Services. And we take it one step further: we develop and document best practices to ensure the uninterrupted operation of your backup solution.

When it comes to disaster recovery or data protection, Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) are one of the most important parameters and Blair works with you to create an optimal data backup (rather restore) plan for your enterprise.


Ensure your data is protected with EMC’s Data Domain solution. Blair has partnered with EMC to provide your enterprise with a back-up solution renowned for its reliability, security and overall defence against data integrity issues.

As an industry-leading product, you can ensure seamless integration, security and long-term reliance of your system. With archival and disaster-recovery abilities, and high-speed capabilities, you can rely on EMC’s Data Domain solution to provide value and support for your enterprise’s most valuable data.

Blair’s qualified and trustworthy team ensures quality service together with a dependable product that will be sure to complete your back-ups without effort or failure. Emplace your trust in Blair to handle your Data Domain system today.